As a project funded company our work does not have a regular touring schedule, although we are always working!!!  Check out our current projects calendar to see when we are touring, projects we are working on, details of studio sharings or other opportunities to connect.

can i perform for the company?

We audition on a project basis through an open call process in three stages:
1.  Project specific open call out.
2.  Skype interview for selected applicants.
3.  Day workshop audition (max 8 dancers).
This process reflects our want to ensure nobody wastes time or money travelling to audition and our will to ensure we only audition people who align with the values of the company.  The Skype interview stage is as much an opportunity for us to explain how we work so that dancers can decided if they want to be part of the process.  We are informal but professional so we try to keep things as open as possible.

Do you support apprenticeships or work shadowing opportunities? 

We want to offer as many opportunities as possible however as a project based company we cannot always support work placement requests as we are not always studio based.  Please take time to read a little more about the company, about Emma and about our upcoming projects before contacting us so we can ensure we could meet the needs of your placement.  If we are unable to, it is likely we will be able to recommend another artist who could.


DO you deliver workshops?

Yes!  Emma has experience delivering workshops and masterclasses to dancers and non-dancers alike.  She values teaching as a practice and has invested heavily in developing a teaching ethos that directly reflects her artistic practice.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

can emma facilitate or speak at our event?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with more details about your event.  Emma is an experienced facilitator and trained in Critical Response Process.  Her focus is on creating safe spaces where people can ask questions, engage in meaningful dialogue and respectfully disagree where needed.  She is an equally experienced panel member having spoken at a range of events including Edinburgh International Cultural Summit, F*ck Up Nights (Edinburgh) and TedX Portobello.  Emma will prioritise events that align with her values.  

Can we collaborate?

Hopefully!  Please get in touch with more information about how you would like to work together and we can try to meet or Skype to discuss things further.

will you work for free?

Realistically, no.  As an independent artist, the projects undertaken are Emma's only source of income and must also support all of the company overheads.  However, Emma will eagerly volunteer for projects which align with her values when she has the capacity to do so.  If you have any questions about artists rates, skill sharing potential or payment in resources please don't hestiate to  get in touch.