To Blog or Not To Blog...

I've always wanted to blog.
I have always loved writing about the things that challenge me the most.  
I find blogging challenging - it's a win, win.

Although as the website is relaunched in a (hopefully) easier to navigate format, I am left wondering about the content I post on the blog.  

I have previously written for Article 19 and on the original Cultured Mongrel website but not on the last incarnation, mostly because I didn't understand the web host settings.  In truth, as with most things, there was little time to figure this out when there is always so much else to do that is arguably more essential.

In the time since blogging last my thinking has shifted, so do I post those old thoughts on here for all to see?

What is most pleasing is that my values have not shifted.  When I cringe reading through some of those old blogs it is rarely about the content more in the cliche use of metaphor or the elaborate writing - to this day I am not great at being concise.

In the situations where I disagree with the content, I can see what I was reaching for.  In the eight years since writing those blogs, I know that I have found a clearer language for articulating my practice and my values.  After all, I did not know what I did not know until I was faced with knowing it.  Some of the things I have pursued were all means to exploring elements of my practice that still exist and there is little I am ashamed of.

Therefore, as these posts go up retrospectively over the coming months I look forward to the comments and if needed, the questions people have about them.  I cannot promise any answers but hopefully I am closer now then I was then.  I am also happy to be called out on thinking that contradicts my values, as I mentioned before and in spite of researching as much as possible I can not know what I do not know until I am faced with knowing it.  It is nobody's job to educate me but if you think you need to please drop links, ask questions and call me out.

In passing Luke Jennings once told me he thought my blogs read as the writings of an artist who was not yet making the work they truly want to make - I had to agree.  I have been frustrated with the limitations of the system that we work in for a number of years, even more so as a younger artist.  However, I am slowly helping to effect the change I hope to see and presently closer than I have ever been to making the work I want to make.  As such, I look forward to noticing how these future blogs read to an outside eye.



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