Mental Heath Wellbeing Signposting in Scottish Theatre and Dance.

Lots of great organisations are currently exploring ways they of reshaping our sector to ensure that everyone is supported more effectively to maintain their mental health and well being. 

A key issue is ensuring that people know how to access the opportunities or resources available. Listed below are some events and resources available, please feel free to add anything not listed in the comments.

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland: Mental Health In Practice Workshop (as part of Interchange)
- Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March…/interchange/

Edinburgh Performing Arts Development: Well being for Edinburgh based independent artists.
- Tuesday 19th March 1000 - 1300 with free soup after!

Tron Theatre: Monthly Artists Check Ins
- next session Wednesday 20th March 1900 - 2100

Tron Theatre: Understanding Psychological Well Being in the Performing Arts with Dr Jane Oakland.
- Monday 25th March 10.30am

Tron Theatre: One to Ones with Dr Jane Oakland.
- Monday 25th March (pm)

Federation of Scottish Theatre: Biannual Working Towards Wellbeing Forum (next one in June)

UK Theatre Helpline
- 24 hour confidential service providing advice & support for any theatre professional

Working at the Lyceum Theatre? They offer a free counselling service to all employees including freelancers. 

Asking for what you need:
The Vacuum Cleaner (James Leadbitter), kindly shares a great example of a document that he uses to communicate how best to support him in his work.…

This list will grow and be developed into an online directory, if useful, detailing organisation specific initiatives and more opportunities as they become available. 

Let's look after each other!

Emma Jayne Park