Touring Suggestions

  • We could have an overall geographic strategy, starting in one place and travelling to the nearest destination next. Moving in a circle not back and forth.

  • We could have a more balanced programming arena, creating opportunity for under represented art forms.

  • We could have an overall audience development strategy, joined up between venues locally and nationally.

  • We could create pay for what touring performance ACTUALLY costs, doing less but doing it better.

  • We could look at and implement ways to plug gaps - streaming to rural venues, performing at times of the day that are appropriate for people with specific lives (parents, carers…)

  • We could trial a national press strategy.

  • We could buy a couple of vans so Arnold Clark isn’t making all the money!!

  • We could move away from artists having to sell to individual tickets to shows and start promoting the art form, creating space for a community to grow around venues.

  • We could let work be made before we try to sell it and tour it.

Emma Jayne Park