Epic Fail Audition Call Out

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Cultured Mongrel is looking for eight exceptional dancers/ movement artists from a variety of backgrounds for the first stage development of Epic Fail: a dance theatre exploration of failure, permission to fail and societal perceptions of success. Epic Fail will be performed as work in progress, to an international delegation, at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival in May 2019 in the hope of securing support to bring the piece to full production. Epic Fail aims to offer audiences the opportunity to laugh, applaud, support and commiserate with a group of highly skilled performers who are destined to fail!

We are looking for exceptional movement artists with a minimum of five years performance experience* who are familiar with working in a collaborative environment. We may work with autobiographical material, exploring the performers personal experiences of failure. We are interested in working with both artists based in Scotland and international artists.

* if you face systemic barriers that prevent you from being able accrue five years of performance experience please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss if this is an opportunity you should apply for. We understand that these barriers exist and want to create opportunities for performers affected by them so can be flexible with this request.

Development Period: 6th May – 28th May 2019
Performers will be required for either the week commencing 6th May 2019 or 13th May 2019.
All performers must be available from 20th – 28th May 2019.

Development will be paid at a rate of £500 per week plus travel, access costs and accommodation where required.

Application Process
We offer a three stage application process that we hope recognises the unpaid time of performers and enables candidates to learn as much as they can about our practice before travelling to audition.
1. Email Application
2. Short Conversation
3. Audition Workshops (artists are paid for their attendance)

Please send the following to emma@culturedmongrel.org before Monday 25rd February.
1. CV
2. Letter of intent stating:
- why you would be interested in the work
- what you think you would bring to the work
- any questions you have about the work or process
We are happy to accept this in other mediums for artists who are not best represented in written format.
3. Performance footage that represents how you move and your performance style.

Skype interviews or informal conversations will take place between 5th and 27th February 2019
to discuss the project, performers availability and any access needs.
Successful applicants will be invited attend audition workshops by 28th February.

Audition Workshops: 7th – 16th March.
Participants will be invited to attend up to two days within this period which will be confirmed upon offer.
Artists will be paid £150 per day for their attendance.
Access and travel costs available.

We are eager to work with dancers from all walks life and represent a true cross section of society on stage.
We would encourage dancers of all ages, POC, people from the LQBTQIA+ community and disabled people to apply.
If you are unsure whether this opportunity is for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cultured Mongrel is the creative handle of Emma Jayne Park: dancer, theatre maker, collaborator and arts micro-activist. ‘High octane... energetic, witty and playful’ (The Skinny), she makes socio-political performance as a catalyst for encouraging social change. Her practice invites the audience to engage through questioning their role in the performance, role in the conversation and role in society.

For more info visit culturedmongrel.org or find us on Twitter @culturedmongrel.

Epic Fail is supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund, Imaginate, Edinburgh International Children’s Festival, The Work Room and Dance Base. Initial research supported by Scottish Ballet’s mentorship scheme Scottish Ballet Creates.

Emma Jayne Park